Day 1… Or is it Day 0.5?


So I have arrived happily in Paris, and am warm and cozy in the homestay room I have rented from the lovely Bertin and Monica, and about to head to bed, but couldn’t help but follow up my pre-travel post.
It was a surreal day yesterday as it really melted right into this one. I guess that traveling east across an ocean will do that to you. I think I *may* have slept a whole hour (woo hoo) on the flight to Amsterdam, entirely due to the most uncomfortable airplane seats I have ever experienced. I had all the ‘necessary’ items- eye mask, ear plugs, neck pillow, melatonin pills…. to no avail.
I truly believe that airlines want to make anyone taller than 5’5″ miserable. No matter how many ‘cabin laps’ or how much ‘airplane yoga’ (no joke- i got some strange looks) that I did on our 8.5 hour flight, I still wish I had splurged on the $275 upgrade to get more leg room. I’m not even kidding. I did, however, in my strolling down the aisles, make friends with one lovely retired couple who were heading back to Budapest via the scenic route after visiting their grandchildren in Calgary, and a gentleman who was taking a 10 hour flight *after* our flight to get to Johannesburg to go on a safari. Oh, the people you meet. The flight from Amsterdam to Charles De Gaulle airport was short and sweet, and a 40 minute RoissyBus trip into the centre of Paris was only 10€. (A cab would be about 55€).

image image

It is at this time I would like to also share my renewed appreciation for books. REAL books. For example, when the plane entertainment system is down and you cannot sleep…. or you want to check out the local sights in Paris without spending a bucketload on your cell phone data plan…. you can actually look through something that doesn’t require power or the Internet to give you information. And by ‘you’ I mean: me. This girl. I had meant to bring a couple great travel books that friends had leant me, and was deciding yesterday morning (during the aforementioned entire luggage re-packing scenario) which of the numerous travel guides I should bring. And then I promptly left them in the car. Of course I did. 😛

So now after an (‘un-guided’) wander through the rainy streets of the 10th Arrondissement (my current neighborhood), I love that I am surrounded by countless restauraunts of every variety, numerous patisseries, boulangeries, several parks and gorgeous churches, and a few divine florist shops, among other things.


I may just have to purchase some French peonies to brighten up my room tomorrow. 🙂 Even the architecture of the buildings here is romantic.

Bon nuit, mes amies!


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